The lamps are different, but the Light is the same. One matter, One energy, One Light, One Light-mind, endlessly emanating all things. (Rumi)

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“If you are like me, and are cautious and healthily skeptical about the validity and usefulness of ‘intuitive’ practices, let me explain why I think Idara Bassey is the professional for you…In her own practice of Reiki and Metaphysical guidance, Idara brings the unique and trustworthy combination of lifelong exposure to both metaphysics and rigorous academics…The result is that Idara brings a grounded, practical, and nuanced approach to a field often populated by wishful thinkers and dismissed as flaky fantasy. It is impressive that she goes out of her way to dispel any expectations of miracles, medical or otherwise, associated with her services…Idara’s approach turned out to be surprisingly practical and effective, putting both the tools and responsibility for change in my own hands…

My assessment is that Reiki has nothing to do with your physical body, but rather your Energy. Is this ‘real’? Well, I laid there with my eyes closed during my session so I have no idea what Idara was doing, but I can say that, to my great surprise, I myself occasionally releasing huge breaths of sighs and tension throughout the treatment, leaving me increasingly relaxed. By the time it was over, I honestly felt like I had just been to a yoga class….As for the intuitive impressions she shared with me, I found that her words both confirmed areas of struggle for me and provided me with explanations and visual pictures which I could get my head around…Her approach really appealed to and was compatible with my own right-brained, creative way of understanding and operating. Finally, the Spiritual guidance which she was led to share with me was compassionate, direct, and thorough…everyone will get something different from their sessions with Idara, depending on what kind of goals you have going in. For me, I wanted help with emotional and self-image issues which have stunted my professional development and personal fulfillment. I am very satisfied with the concrete, sensible, and useful feedback which Idara gave to me. She essentially concluded with, “It is now up to you to apply what you have learned today.”

                                       (AWM, Atlanta, GA) (2/12)- Intuitive Reading/Reiki Healing Client