OneLightMessenger is an executive coaching practice founded by Dr. Idara E. Bassey with the sole purpose of helping individuals break through the challenges that prevent them from living their true light. By leveraging cutting-edge energy healing modalities in conjunction with the intuitive arts and customized coaching, Dr. Idara assists her clients in achieving the highest and best outcomes.

As a sought-after speaker and consultant in the personal development/self-help arena, she is author of the newly-released ebook “Supercharge Your Life: How to Use “Woo-Woo” to Become the Most Fabulous You!” She is currently one of only five certified practitioners in the state of Georgia of the cutting-edge healing modality known as the Emotion Code (and its more advanced iteration the Body Code) and her practice revolves around assisting individuals with: 1.) Wellness (Physical/Emotional) 2.) Executive Performance 3.) Relationships 4.) Infertility & 5.) PTSD

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Do you experience more drama than joy in your relationships?  Feeling stuck or blue and have no idea why?  Atracting the same people in your life over and over?  If so you may have a Heart Wall (What is a Heart Wall?) and  with our new Heart Wall Removal program we can help you do something about it- schedule your appointment today! Heart Wall Removal Online Scheduler
TIME FOR YOUR BREAKTHROUGH! 2017 is your year!.  We are now offering a new offering to help you uncover what is holding you back from your ideal life while learning how we can be of long-term support in realizing your goals! Click on the “Services” tab for more information!
Release of “Lawyers as Changemakers” by ABA Publishing- check here for more information about how the professional world (the legal profession in particular) is adopting a decidedly more holistic bent!