I am thrilled to announce the new honor bestowed upon OneLightMessenger by

by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics– an exclusive national

association of professional intuitives, mediums, energy healers and coaches.

Membership in this esteemed association was based on rigorous

review of the spiritual teachers I have studied with,

my training in the metaphysical arts since 1996 along with

 my writings of the spirituality/self-help genre that have been published since that time.  The selection

process also included my execution of readings/healing work on selected

volunteers in various cities throughout the country (without any prior exposure to any of these

individuals) and being evaluated by a committee on the basis of professionalism, energy alignment with the test

subjects and overall accuracy.

What does this mean for you?

An exciting avenue for immediate and expanded access to a new suite of services that feature

a powerful intuitive consultation/energy balancing/life coaching mix- CLICK BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS! (Search under “Georgia” for “Dr. Idara”)