Align Authentically


Only when your intent and actions are in alignment can you create the reality you desire.

(Steve Maraboli)


Extension into the person one wishes to be is dependent on occupying an energetic space that is in alignment with one’s most cherished values.  Nothing less will do.  We can live and have our being in ways that are completely acceptable to others, or even laudable from the vantage point of the societal constructs we inhabit, but if there is a discount as far as your individualized expression is concerned all efforts expended will result in unfortunate failure.  The integrity of one’s being is heavily dependent on internal consultation, refinement and adjustment.  The voices who would lend themselves to being judge and jury of their preferences for your unfoldment- be they in the form of those individuals you interact with on a daily basis to calcified, long standing traditions that require your participation to perpetuate its existence- are prevalent everywhere you turn.  This is not news.  However, what is news is that you have the option of respectfully shifting your frame of reference, to turning down the volume of those that predominate, and slowly but surely re-construct[ing] your being.  Authenticity flows from what is true for you.  What your life requires.  And it must always proceed from an awakened soul.  The alignment consists of the day-in, day-out actions that live out this mandate- for as you do, others are encouraged to live out the same.

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