Being Your Own Best Advocate

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps he hears a different drummer (Thoreau) It is close to midnight and I am attempting to nurse an irritated throat and soul. A work-related series of snafus exploded one after the other and the initial solution of the table looked like it would involve me twisting into a pretzel … Read More


You can capture the essence of peace in a single thought. In fact, we prefer that you do. In a world where challenges are seemingly intractable and prolonged we invite [you] to stay steeped in the power of a single action- be it thought, deed or word directed at a higher vibration. It is indeed clear you are powerful beings, … Read More

Your Personal Power: Cultivating and Sustaining It

“Power is learning from what is inside you.” (Harriet Rubin) Keeping up with the Joneses. A seemingly “harmless” remark from a loved one. The workday that makes us wonder if we are still gainfully employed – all aspects of our daily lives that can send our personal power haywire – assuming it has already been sufficiently developed and nurtured. A … Read More

Align Authentically

Only when your intent and actions are in alignment can you create the reality you desire. (Steve Maraboli)   Extension into the person one wishes to be is dependent on occupying an energetic space that is in alignment with one’s most cherished values.  Nothing less will do.  We can live and have our being in ways that are completely acceptable … Read More

Innovate Strategically

(Photo credit: Arc & UNSW Innovations) If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” ― Peter F. Drucker   Innovation is the process of bring[ing] something into being that has not previously existed.  By definition it challenges us to establish a new frame of reference-a different one; and the process of translating the mandate of this vantage point … Read More

Disrupt Brilliantly

Changing the world is always disruptive. (Rachel Gutter) Think of life unfolding in a straight line-say with an identifiable connection between cause and effect.  We humans can adopt this way of seeing the world without too much fanfare; remaining attached to it for a seemingly long time provided that the effect in question is not too abhorrent according to the … Read More

Living Your Light-Even During These Times

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: If you’re alive it isn’t” (Richard Bach)   As the pictures of recent international terrorist attacks and mass shootings attacks dominate the airwaves alongside the perpetual drone of increasingly pointed conversations about gun control and Presidential politics here in the States, it’s enough to make anyone veer … Read More


The biggest gift you can give yourself is taking whatever steps are needed to cultivate your own light.  As you may have been aware this year there have been many (loud) external events that would have us believe their apparent power is responsible for the lives we are living.  While we need not give these forces/organizations/entities any more power than … Read More

The Inner Life of Lawyering

“No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness that created it” (Albert Einstein)   According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, the legal profession has ranked fourth after dentists, pharmacists and physicians for the rate of suicide among its ranks. [1] Even more troubling is the realization that the seeds of this phenomenon are being … Read More

Energy Healing & Women’s Empowerment: Isis Speaks

Although I have been a long advocate for women’s rights and volunteered behalf of this cause for many years, I have been a bit surprised to see a common theme among many of my female clients- a clear trend suggesting that the healing work they are embarking on is in part geared towards preparing them towards 1.) Greater visibility 2.) … Read More