The biggest gift you can give yourself is taking whatever steps are needed to cultivate your own light.  As you may have been aware this year there have been many (loud) external events that would have us believe their apparent power is responsible for the lives we are living.  While we need not give these forces/organizations/entities any more power than they have been given, truth be told is [that] it is very easy and tempting to attach our well-being to the action (or inaction) of these parties.  I am here to gently encourage you not to follow this path of thinking/doing/being.  Instead consider the following:

Events that capture our attention of their origin and/or source play a role in waking us up.  Be they sad, infuriating or even glorious, the day in/day out elements of our routines over time have the effect of lulling us to sleep, if you will, or blanketing us in complacency and forgetting of our own power.  The global events we have all witness this year are reminding us of the individual strength[s] we have, and when amassed in the collective, we are being shown glimpses of what a formidable force that we really are.

You may look from the vantage point of your individual lives and inquire [  ] what do I have to contribute to making the world a better place for everyone?  Hence my aforementioned directive to re-commit to fanning the flames of your own life light.  What makes you happy?  Do it now.  What issue or cause is repeatedly tugging at your heart?  Take a step to share your passion with others or move said cause towards resolution.  What in your world can benefit from your conscious touch?  Reach out as best as you can to bring about higher outcomes.

When everyone is so engaged in their respective corners of the world, the world is also engaged and ensconced in a higher vibration.  Beauty and peace can not only flourish, there will be little room energetically speaking for anything else.

Infuse yourself with the full knowing that you matter, your desires matter and the world cannot help but respond in kind.  Peace and blessings to you and yours this holiday season!


  1. Joyce

    A beautiful thought and message from a beautiful lady. Thank you for including me in this.
    I affirm with you, continued blessings on you, and those you love as we move into a new and better year blessed with the wisdom, strength and love that we need to carry us joyfully through .

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