You can capture the essence of peace in a single thought. In fact, we prefer that you do. In a world where challenges are seemingly intractable and prolonged we invite [you] to stay steeped in the power of a single action- be it thought, deed or word directed at a higher vibration. It is indeed clear you are powerful beings, and that your willingness to entertain the Light, to do and be as Light in your daily routines is the ticket to exit the current landscape. Be such at work, at play, in your prayer time and your dream state. You have the means and the refined energetic [state of being] to proclaim the status quo as diminishing in impact to be replaced bit by bit by a world that works for everyone. Each subtraction of fear from the aggregate nourishes and heals the aggregate. The world is blessed as you seek to be a blessing in the world in this manner. There is beauty and healing all and we benefit to the degree we live and have our being from this awareness. Catch the instances where people are doing right and amplify them. Bless everything that appears otherwise. The joy of the season is still present and looking for fuller expression in the hearts of those willing to entertain it. 2018 is a blank new slate. We invite you to infuse it with peace, love & caring for all sentient beings. Your expectations for a heightened earthly experience can be realized. We implore you to keep the high watch and thank you for your role in bringing a new world to pass. Namaste.

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