Executive Holistic Care

(Photo Credit: Executives Unlimited)


In the hyper-frenzied pace of the modern workaday world it is easy for our lives to get off-kilter.  At OneLightMessenger we are well-aware of this and help is on the way! We are now offering our new Executive Holistic Care series consisting of 4-30 minute customized energy balancing sessions administered over the course of a month interspersed with supporting coaching exercises & email support.  Our month-long engagement revolves around working with you to identify blocks to your desired states of being as it relates to the 1.) Physical Wellness 2.) Emotional Wellness 3.) Personal Fulfillment 4.) Executive Performance categories with customized sessions (along with supporting exercises to integrate new insights and encourage new behaviors) to re-align your energies for optimal well-being.  It’s an excellent opportunity for a tailor-made “energetic tune up” to address the very issues that impact you most in your daily life in a delivery package that will suit your busy schedule! Fill out a Executive Holistic Care Client Intake Sheet and schedule your series today! Executive Holistic Care Series Online Calendar Scheduler