Energy Healing & Women’s Empowerment: Isis Speaks

Although I have been a long advocate for women’s rights and volunteered behalf of this cause for many years, I have been a bit surprised to see a common theme among many of my female clients- a clear trend suggesting that the healing work they are embarking on is in part geared towards preparing them towards 1.) Greater visibility 2.) The assumption of a role in encouraging and/or mentoring other similarly-situated women so they can see their own inner potential.  So as if on cue, Isis (the goddess known for her role in Egyptian mythology), popped through with some thoughts on the connection between energy healing and women’s empowerment (a bit unusual as I have not worked with her for many, many years-however, I do recall being inexplicably enthralled with the Saturday morning show that aired in the mid-70s):

The female demographic of the general population is rapidly evolving and has been doing so for [some] time.  We are in historic times and it’s been impressed upon me that women are poised (& being prepared) to step into power in a manner that rivals that of recent history- a vibrational shift, if you will, where new models of leadership are emerging that emphasize collaboration and mutuality of expression rather than a “power-over” model that their male counterparts have exhibited- and frankly, exhausted so far.

Hence the modality known via the umbrella term known as “energy healing.”  It is no coincidence that you (as a practitioner) are encountering one woman after another in your practice that currently occupies a space where they are being prepared on an energetic level for greater visibility, for public speaking for mentorship of other similarly-situated women who are younger in awareness &/or consciousness.  Many of these women you are assisting feel some level of ambivalence taking the time to partake of self-care or feeling somehow flawed that they are seeking assistance to begin with.  I am here to say that the “excavation’” aka the inner work, paves the way for moving beyond [one’s] personal challenges [  ] to entertain broader questions whose solutions warrant an examination of the big picture.  New blood, [a] newly-revitalized energy field can only bring a radiance to time-worn challenges.  Those that have “been there done that” pass along their pearls of wisdom with renewed vengeance- the younger take up said pearls and the cycle continues.  Bless the time that you choose to take up the task of doing the work necessary to move beyond [your] self-limitations as this provides a gift for all concerned.

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