Greetings from Dr Augusto de Almeida

For a good part of the month of June I was blessed to witness the incredible work John of God at his healing center the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia in central Brazil.  For those who may  not be familiar with his work he is an internationally known spiritual medium who for the past 40+ years has used his gifts (i.e.- the ability to put aside his own body to take on those of some 30+ entities-physicians, healers and others who have long passed on who wish to alleviate the suffering of others- who perform energetic and physical healings through him).  I felt an immediate affinity with one of these entities named Dr Augusto de Almeida who is one of the most frequent visitors at the Casa. I provide an excerpt of a message that came through me as I was sitting in the gardens at the Casa after my first face-to-face encounter with John of God in session…

Greetings dear readers of this cherished newsletter,

            It is beautiful that you are on the receiving end of these words.  My name is Dr. Augusto and I bring you much love and heightened energy to assist you on your respective paths of transformation- for this is really what it’s all about you see.  Many of you become overly fixated on what is left to be done, what is not right or to your liking in your lives. I come to you today to gently remind you that this focus comes from an insufficient degree of self-love.  It is not loving to “pick” at yourself like crow who is attempting to demolish the remains of an apple core.  There is a love encapsulated within your being that remains as such despite what you deem as flaws or problems in your respective experience of the world around you. This I where your focus should be, this is how you should relate to yourself and to others around you. Treat yourself as the divine being you are, for in honoring yourself you bestow honor to that which created you- the Holy One, the Christed Being that which you share a heritage with.

            The beauty and peace that you endlessly search for outside of yourself is already well-integrated within your soul.  You cannot doubt yourself having esteemed energy running in your veins.  Close your eyes for a bit…hear the beating of your own heart.  Isn’t it magnificent?  It is time to honor your own magnificence- simple as that.  There is no ego or flatter at issue here.  Evaluate the situations that occupy your day-to-day lives.  In the kindest way possible determine  which ones honor you.  Congratulate yourself for expending your soul energies in this fashion for if you are doing this on this particular situation in question you can continue to do so until you have created an entire life experience infused with self-honoring and love.  Notice I do not ask for a corresponding course of action as it relate to those situations that do not presently honor you.  You are sufficiently versed in how such situations feel so why pay then any more mind?  The aim should be to “crowd” such out through simple lack of attention.

            Do not entertain the thought that because you do not meditate five hours a day or sell your possessions to fund the poor that your spiritual connection is somehow lacking.  Outward gestures do not a spiritual person make.  Your heart is [the] determining factor.  The Holy One accesses and assesses your heart and the proper prayers, gestures, movements and what-have-you pale in comparison to the one who seeks to be kind when it would be all-too-easy to be the opposite, who seeks to see/be love when all extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise or to give up when life’s burdens would all but heartily agree that this would be the reasonable route to take.  Each of you is loved deeply and beyond measure.  Your guides and teachers are thrilled beyond belief when you attempt to engage them; however clumsily.  Life is a beautiful experience and a privilege to partake of.  Cherish it and yourself accordingly.  Be blessed.



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  1. Katrina Hunter

    Amazing words to live by. Brought back memories of my Casa experience in Brazil. Thank you for posting!

    Love and Light,

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