Innovate Strategically


(Photo credit: Arc & UNSW Innovations)

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”
― Peter F. Drucker


Innovation is the process of bring[ing] something into being that has not previously existed.  By definition it challenges us to establish a new frame of reference-a different one; and the process of translating the mandate of this vantage point to current physical reality we inhabit can be fraught with stops and starts; some external and very frequently, some of our own making. The integration of the concept of strategy in this undertaking is an attempt to keep this process on course, to ensure that the aforementioned translation is not thwarted, or otherwise compromised by the inherently challenging prospect of being vulnerable in the spaces we occupy- be they in our relationships, our workplaces or even the world stage-and the established modes of doing and being each space demand of us- and the associated obligations that flow from each. Our life as we know it can always benefit from fresh ideas, authentic expression and sincerity of procedure.  Our ability to innovate strategically gets us closer to realiz[ing] these things while gifting all the spaces we inhabit with fresh energy.

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