Emotion Code/Energy Healing Client

“I have been a practitioner and student of energy, specifically healing energy, for many years.   When Idara told me she was learning about The Emotion Code healing modality, I was happy to volunteer to assist her.   At first, I was just curious because I had not heard of The Emotion Code.    During our session, Idara was very gentle and extremely patient and caring.   The process was very simple, so I wondered if “anything happened.”   Within a few days, I started experiencing subtle shifts in my thinking and perspective on life, and these shifts were welcome.

My next experience with Idara was to remove the Heart Wall I had constructed energetically to keep from being hurt.   My sense was that I was hurting myself in the long run by having this wall in place. We had 2 sessions, very similar to the earlier session.   After the first session, I experienced many shifts once again that I was pleased to have happen.    The second session actually resulted in the total dismantling of my Heart Wall.   I am at peace and more confident in moving forward in my life in terms of my work, relationships and spiritual practice.

I would recommend this work to anyone who feels called to it.”

– K. King (Roswell, GA)

Intuitive Reading/Energy Healing Client

“If you are like me, and are cautious and healthily skeptical about the validity and usefulness of ‘intuitive’ practices, let me explain why I think Idara Bassey is the professional for you…In her own practice [ ], Idara brings the unique and trustworthy combination of lifelong exposure to both metaphysics and rigorous academics…The result is that Idara brings a grounded, practical, and nuanced approach to a field often populated by wishful thinkers and those dismissed as flaky fantasy. It is impressive that she goes out of her way to dispel any expectations of miracles, medical or otherwise, associated with her services…Idara’s approach turned out to be surprisingly practical and effective, putting both the tools and responsibility for change in my own hands…

…As for the intuitive impressions she shared with me, I found that her words both confirmed areas of struggle for me and provided me with explanations and visual pictures which I could get my head around…Her approach really appealed to and was compatible with my own right-brained, creative way of understanding and operating. Finally, the Spiritual guidance which she was led to share with me was compassionate, direct, and thorough…everyone will get something different from their sessions with Idara, depending on what kind of goals you have going in. For me, I wanted help with emotional and self-image issues which have stunted my professional development and personal fulfillment. I am very satisfied with the concrete, sensible, and useful feedback which Idara gave to me. She essentially concluded with, “It is now up to you to apply what you have learned today.”

– AWM (Atlanta, GA)

Release of Blocks to Abundance

“I have been using Dr. Idara Bassey for several months for mindful energy healing.  The reason I contacted her was that I was struggling financially and wanted to discover if I had any blocks preventing me from excelling.  In the first session we identified numerous barriers and immediately began resolving them.  Each session I achieve positive movement toward abundance alignment.  My cash flow has increased significantly and I am making better financially disciplined decisions in line with my goals and needs.  I highly recommend Dr. Idara if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in any area of your personal or professional life. I have used other advisors in the past but none with such immediately obtainable results. I have referred several colleagues to her and all reports have been favorable.  Dr. Idara’s the best!”

– Ms. V. Collier, Esq. (Atlanta, GA)

Colleague Feedback

“Idara exhibited exceptional ability to be a first class Life Coach during her certification course of which I was privileged to facilitate. As someone with 25+ years as a coach, I can truly say that Idara has all the skills, experience, wisdom and expertise to take her clients to ever greater heights. She is compassionate, passionate, caring, loving, dedicated, determined and highly spiritual, which is the perfect combination for a coach. I am honored to be able to call her a colleague in the greatest profession on this planet.”

– Harry Shade, Fowler/Wainwright Int’l Inst. of Prof Coaching, Master Life Coach and Master Trainer

Intuitive Reading Client

“A reading by Idara is a breath of fresh air with a twist of practicality. She tuned right into my energy field and gave me sage advice with perfect timing. She was able to hone right into the chakra where I wanted help and lifted my spirits in addition to helping me with a life purpose topic. I’m looking forward to having another reading from her soon!”

– S. Rowland (Phoenix, AZ)

Former Radio Show Guest

“Although I have never met Idara face-to-face, she is someone I have come to trust and call a friend. She has such warmth, integrity, and a willingness to be the change the world is so wildly in need of. I have known Idara for 5 years and feel her compassion, wisdom and kindness with every interaction. She is someone anyone would be blessed to call a friend and confidant!”

– Tara Paterson, co-author of Raising Intuitive Children

OneLightMessenger Newsletter

Corporate Client-Intuitive Reading

“Thank you so much for your business information and channeled observation-which I may add, is absolutely correct! My business partner and I are struggling with direction for our new consulting practice and it is essential that both of us find a new way. I find you and your approach to human interaction and [spiritual] development refreshing and inspiring.”

– B.G., West Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Book Endorsement of “Reflections of a Mystical Sistah”

“With impish humor and whimsy, Idara Bassey writes about the work of uncovering your true spiritual self…she spikes her grand wisdom with images that tickle the imagination.”

– Tama J. Kieves, Awakening Artistry, Founder/Author of “This Time I Dance!”